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Pillow Book” (or “makura no sōshi” in Japanese) was written by Sei Shōnagon in the 11th century. This courtesan created her own literary genre characterized by assorted notes. The most impressive of her impressions about everyday life are 164 lists of things she shares, such as “Disconcerting Things” ou “Things That Are Distant Though Near”.

In the 20th century, the book was adapted to the cinema by the only Peter Greenaway: I remember seeing it when I was 20 and it is still one of my compelling films today. This website is also a small gathering of notes on my professional activity in recent years, in the areas of innovation in the media, culture and creative industries realized in research, teaching and projects.

If you want to follow my notes about things that are important to me in my areas of research, subscribe to the “My Pillow Notes” newsletter (Portuguese only). As everything has an end, this newsletter only lives for 164 editions.

More bio

I teach at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities – NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA FCSH). I have a degree in Communication Sciences, a master’s degree in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies (both at NOVA FCSH) and a Ph.D. in Digital Media (international program UT Austin Portugal). I coordinate a postgraduation in Culture Communication and Creative Industries, the editorial project +Lisboa and I am a researcher at ICNOVA.

Outside the academic world I worked trough all content areas: as a journalist, editorial coordinator for multiplatform projects, scriptwriter, copywriter and consultant. Today I enjoy creating innovative content with the students and the community.

I was born in 1978, have Scandinavian and Portuguese genes and a passion for magazines (I had 400 at home from all over the word until the moisture got the best).

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