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I was born in Lisbon, in the wet winter of 1978, with Portuguese and cold land genes. Even so, it wasn’t enough cradle to save, not long ago, the most fragile cultural artefacts in my house: magazines (I had 400 from all over the world until the humidity got the best).

I teach at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities – NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA FCSH), and I am a researcher at ICNOVA – NOVA Communication Institute. I have a degree in Communication Sciences, a master’s degree in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies (both at NOVA FCSH), and a PhD in Digital Media (international program UT Austin Portugal). I coordinate a postgraduation in Culture Communication and Creative Industries, a master’s degree in Journalism, and Obi.Media – Observatory for Media Innovation, which I founded in 2021.

Outside the academy, I went through almost all content areas: I was a journalist, coordinator of multiplatform editorial projects in culture and health, screenwriter and copywriter. Today I occasionally write for the media. I co-host, with Catarina Carvalho and Lucy Pepper, a weekly radio show on public broadcast Antena 1 – Antídoto– and I try to produce innovative projects and participate in others when time still freezes. In 2022, I won the Lede Fellowship to promote solutions journalism in Portuguese.

Academic Profiles: Ciencia ID | Google Scholar | Scopus | | ResearchGate

Potential collaborations and interests

Researchers and students

Who are interested in developing research, deepening studies or collaborating in the fields of innovation in the media and other creative industries. I am mainly working on three areas, in addition to cultural journalism, which I always follow:

  1. Innovation in journalism (storytelling, formats, conditions for innovation and creativity);
  2. Impact of journalism on society (such as solutions journalism);
  3. emotions studies, empathy and journalism;
  4. Communication of culture (mainly narrative models used by cultural infrastructures and conditions for innovation and creativity).

In the case of an incoming, this collaboration can be achieved through a visiting researcher at ICNOVA and Obi.Media, PhDs or internships.


Until the end of 2022, as part of the Lede Fellowship (Solutions Journalism Network), I am giving workshops to teams of journalistic organizations on solutions journalism and its innovation potential for the newsroom and business model.

Furthermore, at, we work with journalistic organizations to develop projects in the field of inclusive, creative and editorial innovation and to apply for international funding.


In a participatory sphere, I have collaborated in developing content and projects for cultural facilities, researched cultural habits and inclusive and creative innovation research, and developed impact studies. The societal impact of the investigation is also a priority.